Relationship/Sex & Life Coaching, Peer Support,
& Psychedelic Integration

​Creative journeying through collaboration


Beliefs, ethos, theories… Here’s what I’m all about

Dismantling stigma

As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, I am dedicated to helping my peers rise from the destructive forces of stigma and oppression. Using strengths-based and person-centered foundations, I believe that you are beautiful and powerful at your core.

You are the expert

I am merely a vessel and a mirror.
But I do bring my own experience into the space within which we will work. Through this chemistry of experiences, we will connect and explore, engage and experiment.
This is a highly creative process.
No dogma allowed here. No rigid scheme or model will ever supplant that. Healing requires fluidity of ideas.
Psychedelic Integration

Abstraction as a tool

If you are exploring these wonderful medicines on your own, I can provide a supportive container for your integration process, post trip.

The Universe speaks

Do you believe in coincidence? What if there is meaning behind each instance? One of Carl Jung’s more esoteric theories, developing a sense of discernment and interpretation takes practice, yet will be proven priceless once you take the reigns.


Patriarchy has had its day. It is time for the age of the divine feminine, which is not a concept limited to women. All integral beings possess both feminine and masculine traits. intentionally flowing between them is an artform that provides unending benefit. Rejoice in your strengths.


Mind, body, spirit, relationship—to our selves, to  one another, to our environments, No good coaching will ever ignore your entirety. We are complex beings that require multiple elements for survival. Neglect in one area often leads to imbalance in others. Reallign with your sense of purpose by honoring your whole self. If there are limits to what I am able to do, I have an expanse of resources to which I will direct you.


The only questions are,
how much agency will you have? 
will you enjoy it?